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Church of Our Lady of Rosporden


The Church of Our Lady of the Assumption located in the heart of Rosporden is part  of the oldest monuments in Brittany. At the edge of the pond near the ford on the Aven, it was at the end of the 13th or the beginning of the 14th century that a church was built. Its oldest parts, such as the octagonal piers of the nave, are original.

Ruined during the wars of succession in Brittany, the initial place of worship was restored in the 15th century, then the monument was lengthened by four meters in the 19th century. The church houses works of art protected as Historical Monuments, in particular the statue of Our Lady of Rosporden (a Black Virgin) which dates from the 15th century. She has long been revered by the locals.

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Text in French: Monique TALEC

German version: Iris JACQUET

English version: Hélène MANSFIELD-RICA


Church of Our Lady of the Assumption


The church itself and its works of art, including a 15th century Entombment , are seriously threatened by the wear and tear of time, in particular by humidity.

Concerned about the general state of the church, the municipality ordered a diagnosis from which it appears that the degradation of the building is accelerating to the point of threatening the cultural riches that it should house.

It is becoming urgent to start repair work, in particular the waterproofing of the building. This unprecedented restoration is impossible without the use of private donations and, if possible, corporate sponsorship.

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Church of Our Lady of Rosporden


All donors will be invited to the inauguration of the works.

From 100 euros: a big thank you!

From 300 euros: display of the donor, if he wishes, on a dedicated space.

From 500 euros: guided tour of the church after the works.

Amount of work: €1,826,200

Fundraising goal:      €70,000

Start of works: 2nd semester 2020


To participate  to financing

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The collection point for donations

First step to achieve: 100 donors

the  program

Step by step

Strengthen our commitment


Meeting at the Town Hall bringing together representatives of the Municipality, the Heritage Foundation and the ASPNDR.

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